Noel Ganette
Noel Ganette

Noel Ganette

Steven Marriott
Yuto Uemura (Japanese)

Maia's younger brother.
One of the variant humans under the city's watch.

Capable of Augmented Dreaming, which allows him
to share his dreams with others. This ability is used
to implement the city's collective mental tethering system.

Misanthropic and highly guarded,
Noel rarely leaves the shelter where he lives.

Ever since Maia fell into a coma during the experiment
three years ago, he has spurned human connection,
and has a particular loathing for Professor Rumford.

  1. Noel Ganette
  2. Noel Ganette


Yuto Uemura
Noel Ganette

Yuto Uemura

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