Elaine Cordia
Elaine Cordia

Elaine Cordia

Mariko Zamani
Yui Ishikawa (Japanese)

Director-General of the Administration Bureau,
and Hal's superior. Three years ago she gave
amnesiac Hal the goal of becoming a Supervisor.

Elaine is calm and rational,
even in the most trying circumstances.
As such, she is widely admired by the
Supervisors under her command.

She is utterly committed to the preserving
the city's collective mental well-being,
and is extremely sensitive to minute changes in the system.

Elaine was seen arguing with Professor Rumford
on the night of his murder.

  1. Elaine Cordia
  2. Elaine Cordia


Yui Ishikawa
Elaine Cordia

Yui Ishikawa

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