Hal Scion
Hal Scion

Hal Scion

Jesse Inocalla
Shoya Chiba (Japanese)

Player character and main protagonist.
Astrum Close City Special Supervisor.

Has the ability to Memory Dive.
Touching certain objects with his left hand allows Hal
to access the past and interfere with other people's memories.

Hal was the subject of an experiment conducted three years prior by Professor Rumford.
An accident during the experiment
caused him to lose all memories of his life before.

He cares deeply for Maia and Noel,
who have faced similar experiences,
and laments the fact he can't remember the past they shared together.

  1. Hal Scion
  2. Hal Scion


Shoya Chiba
Hal Scion

Shoya Chiba

86 -Eighty Six- (Shinei Nouzen)
Classroom of the Elite (Kiyotaka Ayanokoji)
Visual Prison (Ange Yuki)