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This paradise will face judgement in its dreams.

Artificial marine city, Astrum Close.
Crime rate: 0.001%.
In this idyllic metropolis, dreams are utilized to ensure crime is prevented before it even happens.

The founder of this so-called paradise, Professor Albert Rumford,
is killed in an unprecedented, theoretically impossible incident.

Special Supervisor Hal is assigned to this extraordinary case and ordered to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Why was the Professor murdered?
What is going on in this perfect metropolis?

Perceive past memories with the ability that lies in your left hand.
As you get closer to the truth, you will plunge deeper into danger.

The Clocktower that has lain still for 12 years.
When the closing bell rings, the final seven days will begin.



Astrum Close
Astrum Close

An artificial marine city sealed off from the outside world under a vast dome.
Its collective mentoring system predicts and prevents crimes before they even happen.
This safe haven is seen as the last paradise for humanity as it stands on the brink of destruction.

Augmented Dreaming
Augmented Dreaming

The collective mentoring system that makes the idyllic paradise of Astrum Close possible.
All citizens are host to bionic nanomachines—collectively known as KaiROS—that integrate and synthesize the population's dreams while administering the necessary care to maintain their mental well-being.
The system preemptively roots out and eliminates dark thoughts and discord, preventing criminal acts.

The Nightfall Catastrophe
The Nightfall Catastrophe

A major disaster of unknown origin that occurred 12 years earlier.
Seeking shelter from the hazardous orange particles that flooded the surface of the earth after the catastrophe,
normal human beings are forced to live out their lives in dome cities—unable to venture out without protective gear.

Quantum Interference Capable Variants
Quantum Interference Capable Variants

When a colossal meteorite collided with the Earth hundreds of years ago,
humans underwent sudden mutations that endowed them with time manipulation abilities.
These people became known as "variant humans" or, more colloquially, "variants."
Across the world, they faced harsh persecution, and save for a few individuals currently living in protective facilities in Astrum Close,
there are no traces of any survivors.