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Change to the launch date of Episode I of DYSCHRONIA: CHRONOS ALTERNATE for Meta Quest 2

The release of Episode I of new VR title DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate, for Meta Quest 2, has been pushed back from spring 2022, to summer 2022.

Ever since the release of our previous self-developed VR titles, TOKYO CHRONOS, and ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos, we have received a great deal of support from VR gamers. The support of the community serves as a constant source of encouragement during the development process, and we want to offer our heartfelt apologies to the players who have been patiently waiting for the release of DYSCHRONIA: CA.


▲Updated in-game visuals

Along with making organizational improvements, we are working hard to improve the game's overall quality.
*Please note that the above images are from a development build, and the final in-game appearance may differ.

The purpose of this change is to allow us to focus our efforts on improving the game's quality across the board. We will be using the period from now until the scheduled summer release to ensure we can deliver a truly immersive game experience. We promise that the end result will exceed expectations even further, and prove to be worth the wait. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Moving forward, we will be providing updates about the state of development on our Discord fan community "Chronos Haven." Please drop by for the latest information about DYSCHRONIA: CA.

■ Discord Fan Community "Chronos Haven"

■ DYSCHRONIA: CA Producer Letters

Executive Producer Kento Kishigami (MyDearest Inc. CEO)

We've just announced that the release of DYSCHRONIA: CA has been changed from spring 2022 to summer 2022. I'm deeply sorry to disappoint everyone who was excited about the release being just around the corner. We were hoping to release the game as soon as we could, and on behalf of the whole team, I'd like to offer my sincere apologies. However, with the extra development time, we firmly believe we will be able to deliver a graphical and gameplay experience that far exceeds our previous releases.

We may be entering the most critical phase of the whole process, but we've bolstered our development team with the best of the best, and they are passionately working, day in, day out on DYSCHRONIA: CA--and are in all in a constant state of excitement at seeing just how much the game continues to evolve. We want to make sure the wait turns out to be worthwhile!

Again, please accept our sincere apologies for the delay. We ask you to wait just a little longer until we release DYSCHRONIA: CA in the best possible state this summer.

Executive Producer Shinsuke Umeda (IzanagiGames, Inc. CEO)

We've taken the decision to delay the release of DYSCHRONIA: CA from spring 2022, to summer of the same year. To everyone patiently waiting for the game's release, we extend our heartfelt apologies. After a wide-ranging discussion, taking into every consideration, we concluded that ultimately, prioritizing quality improvements was the best course of action. The development team is fully focused on creating and delivering an even better experience. It pains us to ask you to wait just a little longer, but we can promise that we will use this extra time productively to further improve DYSCHRONIA: CA.
We look forward to your continued support.