DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate > GameI System Introduction

Crime Investigation
in the Far Future.

It's been 200 years since mankind lost his previous civilization.
Astrum Close, Paradise.
A city managed by its population's dreams remains
as a beacon of hope.

Become Hal, a inspector with the ability to manipulate the past.
Your mission is to solve a crime in the city
where no crime is possible.

Investigate in the real world and the dream world.
Solve the misteries that its citizens and places hide and
survive the threats that will try to stop you.

You're the only one able to reveal the truth and avoid
the foresight of the destruction of the city
after 7 days to become true!

MurderinParadise City

Use your power to

“change the past and reveal the truth”

that will save humanity!

Manipulate the Past

You have the power of manipulating the past on your left hand.
Dive through time to the past,
become the person whose memories you're reading and change their past.
The city is facing its destruction in 7 days and only you have the power to stop it.

Reality and Dreams,
Two Crime Scenes.

Accessing the Augmented Dreaming Network you can see the ”Augmented Dreaming” world,
a shared dream where the citizens enjoy a beautiful fantasy environment.
You'll have to get information in that dreamlike world that will help you to solve the case.
A world with two faces, Reality and Dreams, hides the clues that will lead you to the truth.

Face the Guardian AI

You'll face the Super AI "Justicius", the AI in charge of keeping a 0.001% crime rate.
Show them the final proof that unveil the truth behind the murder. The future of the city,
its destruction or salvations, depends on the result of your investigation.

High Risk Mission

During your investigation you'll face threats to your life.
Hide behind the corners,
find how to escape from the people that wants to eliminate you.
Use your mental agility and reflexes,
interact with your environment and avoid a deadly end!

Hunch and Brains

"An impossible murder". That's just the beginning of your investigation.
Find the clues hidden in several locations. The solution to a mystery will lead you to new ones!
Use your eyes, ears and brain to solve all of them and find the real truth!

Your Small and Loyal Sidekick

During your investigation you'll get the help of the support robot "Lily".
She is the small sidekick that will travel with you,
help you and sometimes, make you smile.
Enjoy the casual talks with her,
maybe she'll give you a hint about what to do next.
If you're in troubles, just check on Lily, always by your side.