DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate > GameI System Introduction

Unravel what lies beyond the dream.

The game takes place in artificial marine city Astrum Close.
Step into the role of Special Supervisor Hal,
and attempt to unravel the mystery enveloping the city.

Explore your surroundings and gather evidence
in Interactive Investigation sections.
Build a prosecution case in Judgement Action sequences.

Skillfully weave your way through
these sections as you advance through the story!

Events unfold in different ways, depending on your actions.
Everything you see is a potential clue.

Will you reach the final resolution that you seek?
The answer lies in your hands.


Interactive Investigation

Pick up objects and move around
environments as you unravel the mystery!
Everything you see is a potential clue.
Solve all the puzzles as you seek out
the truth at the heart of the incident.

Events unfold in different ways,
depending on your actions.
You may even find yourself in dire circumstances...

Memory Diving

Memory Diving

With his left hand, Hal the protagonist can access the memories sequestered within the objects around him.
Dive into the past and uncover the truth behind the incident!

Yet convincing others of what you've seen with your
abilities is not always so simple.
Gather evidence during your investigation to back up
your theories!

Judgement Action


On your journey you will face the Integrated AI: the city's supreme authority, and all-powerful protector of the happiness and well-being of the majority.

Use the evidence you uncover to solve the mystery!
Persuading the Integrated AI will be your key to victory.

During these judgements, the city residents' "alignment parameters" will shift in real time.
Remain adaptive and flexible, and ensure the actions you take win over the hearts and minds of the citizens as you strive to gain the upper hand.